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Drug Withdrawal Treatment
Drug Withdrawal Treatment

Long-term use of psychoactive substances leads to higher tolerance and withdrawal symptoms when the use is terminated. These symptoms can range from mild to life-threatening. Therefore, the doctor may recommend or the patient may prefer to treat withdrawal symptoms with the use of medication while being closely monitored in a Withdrawal Treatment Unit.

Drug Withdrawal Treatment takes up to 21 days. During the course of treatment, the doctor will regularly prescribe the medication and the nursing staff will continuously supervise the patient’s health state.

After the physical symptoms have been controlled, mental health professionals can help reduce some of the more powerful emotional side effects of withdrawal. Psychologists and social workers hold group and individual consultations to inform patients on various aspects of addictive disorder, encourage to consider long-term treatment and rehabilitation options and build motivation to recover.

Should you prefer to receive treatment anonymously, the service is paid. Service price list is provided in the Paid Services section.