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People who suffer from addiction and seek help must receive no less of medical care as people suffering from any other illness. It must be of high quality and meet their individual needs, it must be based on latest developments of medical technology and respect patients’ rights. I am convinced that just like it happens with any other disorder, no person wishes to fall ill with addiction, face its devastating consequences, let alone die from it. This happens against a person’s will.

E. Subata

Name, Surname

Emilis Subata


1964–1975 Vilnius Salomėja Nėris secondary school

1975–1981 Vilnius University, faculty of Medicine, diploma of Physician

1981–1982 m. Republican Vilnius Clinical Hospital, Resident Physician

1987-1990 Doctorate in Tartu University (Estonia), Doctor of Medicine (Psychiatry)

State medical license in psychiatry.

Professional Experience

1982-1991 – Institute of Hygiene of the Ministry of Health, Head of substance abuse research unit

1992-2017 – Vilnius Centre for Addictive Disorders, Director

2017 and onwards – Republican Centre for Addictive Disorders, Director


2003-2005 was a Principal Investigator of the World Health Organization Collaborative Study on Opioid Substitution Therapy (OST) and HIV, which evaluated effectiveness of OST in different economic and cultural settings (China, Indonesia, Iran, Thailand, Lithuania, Poland and Ukraine). His major research topics focused on the effectiveness and quality assurance of OST. He was the lead expert in development of National guidelines for opioid addiction treatment with naltrexone (2008), methadone (2010) and buprenorphine (2010).

Since 2004 Dr. Emilis Subata served as an expert and consultant for WHO, UNODC, UNDP on development of drug treatment and HIV prevention in Baltic States, Central Asia, Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine. He is a member of International Society of Addiction Medicine (ISAM), a member of the Board of European Federation of Addiction Societies (EUFAS) and a President of Lithuanian Psychiatric Association (2000-2005).


Tennis, skiing, classical music, history.