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Tobacco Cessation
Tobacco Cessation

The Republican Center for Addiction Disorders provides smoking cessation services. To receive treatment at the RCAD, you need a referral from your family doctor or psychiatrist. It is also possible to seek treatment anonymously without a referral, but in that case, the services are paid.

To initiate treatment, you need to register by calling the registration office of your chosen branch:

  • Vilnius branch, tel. no.: +370 5 213 7808
  • Kaunas branch, tel. no.: +370 37 33 32 55
  • Klaipėda branch, tel. no.: +370 46 41 50 25
  • Šiauliai branch, tel. no.: +370 41 45 56 44
  • Panevėžys branch, tel. no.: +370 45 58 26 73

When you arrive, you need to have:

  • An identification document with a photo.
  • Referral from your family doctor or psychiatrist, indicating that you are seeking a consultation at the Republican Center for Addiction Disorders. Unless you choose to receive paid services anonymously, a referral is not required.
  • If you have concurrent illnesses and are prescribed medications by doctors, you must have a certificate about your health condition and have the medications you are taking with you.

First, you need to register for a consultation with a psychiatrist. The psychiatrist will assess the severity of nicotine addiction and, in collaboration with the patient, determine an appropriate medication-based treatment plan and provide guidance on behavior changes.

The smoking cessation service at RCAD consists of a cycle of 6 specialist consultations: 1 with a psychiatrist and 5 with a psychologist. During the consultations, a personalized smoking cessation plan is developed, and the specialist monitors the individual’s progress and helps analyze the success of the treatment and any relapses.