Outpatient Minnesota Programme

The Minnesota treatment is aimed at treating harmful use of alcohol and other psychoactive substances, as well as pathological gambling. During the 3 months of the outpatient Minnesota treatment, patients follow their individualised treatment plan and regularly attend group and individual consultations with psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers and ergotherapists. They learn to analyse feelings, adjust their ways of thinking and reinforce their positive behaviour. Moreover, strong motivation for sobriety is established, while the Twelve Step principles are taught to be applied in daily life situations.

Support of close ones is very important for people undergoing treatment, therefore families of patients are encouraged to consult the psychologist available in the Unit.

In case there is a need, the doctor will prescribe medication to stabilise the psychosomatic condition of the patient at the beginning or during the treatment.

Outpatient Minnesota Programme is a paid service only. Service price list is provided in the Paid Services section.

Updated 2019-01-17